Distant Healing For Those Unable to Travel to Brazil

If traveling to Abadiania is not possible, the Entities of the Casa may help you through Distant Healing.

You first send three (3) recent photos to us to be presented to John of God. The photographs are shown to the Entity who scans them and writes out a prescription for herbs which will address the issues currently facing the individual. Each person receives the same kind of herbs (labeled “Passiflora”), however, each bottle is specifically energised by the Entity to meet the needs of the person in the photographs.

The fee for for this treatment is $70. The fee covers the cost of the herbs, admin, postage and handling.  Any surplus is given to the soup kitchen in Abadiânia, or used to support future tours and associated work.

If the Entity marks an “X” on the photograph, it means that the person requires spiritual surgery, either in person or through a surrogate. If possible, it is advisable to travel to Brazil or attend one of the international events for this purpose.

Learn more of the herbs and also to possibility of surrogate surgery here.

To arrange for Distant Healing, you need only to two things, in the order that is easiest for you.

  1. Complete the information requested in the form below, and
  2. Make Payment with the "Buy Now" button below.

Upon receipt of this information and payment, we will contact you to confirm and provide more specific information. (If you would just like more information, complete the More Information form on the right side of this page and we will be in touch with you.)


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Information to assist you in completing the information below

  1. Include three (3) photographs of the person needing healing by uploading them, one in each box, below.
  2. Before you upload the photographs, record name, date of birth and address on the back of the photograph, so that the Entity will know who it is.
  3. How to Take Photographs (so that the Entity can properly scan them):
    a. Please take three photographs of each person, fully clothed and against a light colored background.  All photographs must be portrait, not landscape.
    b.    Frontal view: photograph is to be taken from the thighs up and as close as possible to obtain a clear full frontal image of the face and torso.
    c.    Side view: photograph is a full-length body photo from head to toe of the left (heart) side of the body.
    d.    Back view: photograph is a full-length body photo from head to toe of the back of the body.

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Please attach the 3 photos here. Be sure to print the name, date of birth and address of the person on the back of each photograph. (To upload photos, placed them on your computer and then click "browse" to select each. They will upload when you press "Send" below.)

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Briefly describe the condition requiring treatment and your desire:

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